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It all started when…

A young girl began to collect rocks.

Then it transitioned to, how can I carry these rocks with me, in a beautiful way? 

When Shannon could not find a solution, she taught herself how to make jewelry. Beading, drilling, clasping. Then, years later, she stumbled into metal smithing - and the process progressed into sawing, soldering & hammering. Metal smithing was the missing piece. Stones captured in fine metals; this was how she would beautifully carry her special rocks with her. From that point on, it was all she could think about - everything inspired her. She began making pieces for herself, then friends, then friends of friends... and it rippled (and still does) from there. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would grow into what it has become. Shannon is honored & delighted to make unique jewelry in this capacity.   

Shannon has been such a delight to work with designing my custom piece. She really takes your vision and brings it to life even better than imagined. I am so excited to wear this ring we’ve created. It’ll be a conversation starter forever
— Marisa M.
Shannon was such a pleasure to work with in designing our wedding jewelry. She met with us several times, listened carefully, and really enjoyed the process of co-creating a set of rings and earrings with us. We emerged with beautiful customized jewelry that fits us perfectly, and that we’ll cherish for a long time.
— Erin C.